Ashish Nehra retires from all format International Cricket

 . Last updated on October 12, 2017, 12:02 PM
Ashish Nehra retires from all format International Cricket
Ashish Nehras career has been injury ridden, but whenever he played, he was at his best.

It was before 18 years when Ashish Nehra, the fast bowler of India stood tall at his maiden international match. Now, Nehra is 38 years old. But it is not the age that made him decide to put an end to his international career, it is his injury struck body. Nehra being famous through the cricket fraternity with 12 surgeries in his body. Once, in a hilarious response to a reporter being asked which part of his body is not injured, the player had to pause for a moment to think. Nehra began his international cricket career in 1990s. Although, not continuous due to rampant injuries, he kept coming back to the squad in several stray occasions.

Finally, Ashish Nehra declared his retirement from cricket. He is retiring from not only international cricket across the format, but also contemplating to rest from domestic circuit including IPL for good. In an interview, he said, it is not easy to play as a fast bowler in the age of 38. Still, the player said he can bowl and maintain the speed, but being with an injury ridden body, he thought it would be wise to leave it to the younger generation. The bowler has a speed to 140 plus on field and is still among the fastest in globally.

Nehra played some of the major tournaments for India. He was in the team that won 2011 Cricket World Cup, also, in 2016 World T20, he was a lead attacker of the team. His Test debut was in February 1999. During his early years he played with intensity. His contribution in 2003 World Cup was crucial for India. His 6-wicket haul against England is still an iconic feat for the team. He was rested from the team from 2005 to 2009 due to injury. His comeback in 2011 World Cup was full of actions. He played impressive seasons in IPL from 2012 to 2016. Nehra had been the smartest fast bowlers playing with India.


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