Apology e-Mail from Sanju Samson softens KCA

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Apology e-Mail from Sanju Samson softens KCA

Sanju Samson, the first-class cricketer from Kerela was caught in a fray for his unruly behavior in the dressing room. It happened after the Ranji match between Goa and Mumbai, for which, the young wicket keeper cum batsman was dismissed. The player, however, did not stop at the point and was absent from the team without any authorization. Meanwhile, the player's father, Samson Viswanadh abused TC Mathew the KCA President over a telecon. Reportedly, he alleged the board's president with complaints against several officials.

Following the allegation, Mathew set a four-member panel to scrutinize the matter. The enquiry panel summoned the Coach, the Captain and Manager of Kerela Ranji Trophy along with the Cricketer to Thiruvananthapuram on December 22. The panel was to be headed by TR Balakrishnan. Sanju Samson was called on the next day. Lately, Samson has sent an e-mail stating his apology to Kerela Cricket Association and president TC Mathew. In the e-mail, the young cricketer has accepted all charges against him. He also requested KCA to spare him off further action. He pleaded citing the offence as his first such mishap.

As the player apologized, KCA might act softly on him and give away a warning. It was confirmed by KCA President that the apology mail was being received. Mathew, however, refrained from commenting more on the issue. There were multiple charges of misconducts against Sanju Samson. But, as he apologized an official warning letter might be handed while closing the probe. The player has been with Delhi Daredevils in IPL seasons. Recently, he was picked by the same team for the 2017 season. The teenage player is the top cricketer from Kerela.


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