Analyzing Virat Kohli's Captaincy in Test Cricket

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Analyzing Virat Kohli's Captaincy in Test Cricket

Virat Kohli succeeded MS Dhoni as the Test Cricket captain in 2014 taking the baton from the senior skipper. The Test team led by Kohli is a bunch of new players, who has striking performance, clearly indicating their potential to be on top, as their predecessors. Virat, in fact, is on a comfortable side, as he has to deal with players who are young as him, the neophytes to international cricket. Dhoni, on the other hand had to deal with players who are senior to him. It was grave and tedious, as face off with egos is certain while dealing with senior players.

Kohli is himself an example of fine cricketer, a dependable batsmen and someone who should be followed. These attributes make him a natural leader who could develop the sync within the team. He has a clear idea about what is to be achieved and has good skills to create the roadmap for the same. However, it would be too early to bring out concluding remarks on his performance, as it is just the beginning of his tenure as a captain.

Following the matches and the game plans Kohli devised so far, it can be observed that his focused on results rather than formation of a structure or following rules. His decisions are flexible enough to change according to the requirements of result and developments throughout the game itself. His stance of bringing five bowlers in Test games depicts his tilt towards final outcome rather than following a readymade strategy. The view was clear—taking 20 wickets in Test is the key to Victory and thus the emphasis on bowlers. Further, his choice of bowlers is quite apparent, it is the Pacers, even if it is hard to gather them in India.

The new Test captain is following the path of Ganguly in choosing batsmen. The way Kohli pulled up Rohit and Pujara into the front batting line is quite similar to Ganguly bringing Sehwag and Yuvraj into the hotspots. It can be expected from Kohli that he will be successful in the making of new match-winners for Team India.

Akaash Chopra, the player turned cricket author, has observed that Kohli is coming up as a "tactically aware captain." He does not hesitate to follow the shifting modern day tactics in cricket even if he sometimes cannot get it quite right. The Test matches at Sri Lanka, offered good insights into his approach to win the match. According to Chopra, Kohli is inducted as the captain in the right time and he should keep in mind the larger picture of developing the team for overseas performance.


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