Alastair Cook Hails Fan for their Support in his Toughest times

 . Last updated on February 8, 2017, 4:04 PM
Alastair Cook Hails Fan for their Support in his Toughest times
Alastair Cook took the captainship from Strauss and lead the team to several victories.

After surrendering the captainship of team England, Alastair Cook is hailing his fans for supporting him. He recalled, how back in 2014, his fans persuaded him not to quit as the captain. He said, at that moment, even his employers were lacking in support, but his fans made the way for him. He recalls the third test against India in 2014, as the most pressure he had to face as a player. He played a year without a single test century and could not score good runs. Under him, the team also faced a whitewash from Australia and was also defeated by Sri Lanka in a home series.

The England team had to move forward through hard times. ECB, dealing with Keven Pietersen, had the sour experience, which let them to leave the decision to change the leadership to Cook himself. However, as Cook did not step down immediately, he was criticized. It went to the point of open abuse as a “repulsive little weasel” from Piers Morgan on social media. The player definitely lost his enthusiasm, which had an obvious negative impact on his play. But in the last match, he was struck by the “warmth and intensity” of his fans in the stadium. The spectators cheered him on his first run. He also received a standing ovation when he smashed the half century.

He said the reception from audience in Southampton back in 2014, “was a special moment” for him. In the last match at Lord’s the player ruminated on his period as a captain. He said, fans still wanted him to carry on, thanking them for the massive support. He said that 2014 “was certainly the toughest moment off the field.” He added, the Pietersen episode could have been handed in a better way. He also regretted about a few moments as a test captain. Cook admitted that he has been “fairly true” to himself along the way. He took the decision at the right time and have no regrets for it.


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