Al Jazeera’s sting: ICC Chief stresses on player’s education to fight match fixing

 . Last updated on June 27, 2018, 5:26 PM
Al Jazeera’s sting: ICC Chief stresses on player’s education to fight match fixing
David Richardson is expecting adequate cooperation from Al Jazeera in the investigation.

Al Jazeera’s sting operation to unearth several incidences of high profile international Test matches, is setting of the international cricket community on a fray. With grave allegations involving several ground staff as well as cricketers, the documentary unearthed that the bookies circuit is controlled by Indian origin mafia, Dawood Ibrahim, who is now based in Pakistan.

The Qatar based news channel claimed incidences of spot fixing in two international matches involving England and India, while two pitch-fixing scandal in Test matches involving India, Australia, and Sri Lanka. The revelations of the documentary are serious enough to make ICC on rough waters.

After the video surfaced, ICC Chief David Richardson posed strong responses, with acknowledging the fact that “criminals” are trying to get into the game. Although, he stated that bookies have directed their approach towards the support staff because they cannot get hold of cricketers. While, Sri Lanka Cricket has already suspended three top ground-staff, referenced in the video. In contrast, both ECB and Cricket South Africa has denied the allegation. Joe Root, the top England cricketer, posed the video as nothing serious, as he concluded, ICC will come up with the actual case.

Meanwhile, David Richardson admitted that high level cricket is still at risk and the system has to fight against malicious agents in a constant battle. The ICC chief expressed strong intention to dig out the issue, while launching a forceful investigation of the matter. To deal with the issue, ICC will send special envoy to Al Jazeera as well as carry out its own independent investigation. Richardson said, ICC will investigate fully and will meet Al Jazeera on the next couple of days.

Richardson warned, the fraternity should be vigilant enough so that no one could stage in other formats like T20 Internationals. He pointed that the televised matches could be more vulnerable, urging to keep minimum standards in place. He stressed on the need to educate players and monitor franchisee owner as well as people involved with the game.


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