Sachin's Idea to be actualized by Mumbai Cricket Association

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Sachin's Idea to be actualized by Mumbai Cricket Association

Dilip Vengsarkar, Vice president of Mumbai Cricket Association, does not seem to stumble upon adopting innovations even if it meant to break traditions. Fans know about cricket world cup, the rules of ODIs and T20 matches, however, in India, the game is on a verge of a major breakthrough. Following the innovative idea of the legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar, MCA is all set to implement 13 player cricket match at a junior level, Under 14 tournament. The innovative idea was proposed by the Master Blaster Cricketer just after his retirement in 2013. The concept was centered on increasing the number of players in interschool and college cricket in order to capacitate more players in the games.

The underlining component of Tendulkar's idea was ensuring kids from far off areas an equal participation in the matches. The idea also align with the general enigma of the country were supplies are always short to meet demands due to large population. Although the idea was rejected by the Association, under the leadership of Vice President Vengsarkar, it will be implemented, even if with limitations. It will be a minor disruption in the cricket world.

MCA has decided to implement the idea with 13 players on a side at the Under 14 tournament that will be played from 4th of January. However, 11 players will be allowed on the field while the other two can be substituted anytime during the match. The tournament will consist of two innings a day for two days. As reported, Sachin Tendulkar had a discussion on the idea with Mr. Vengsarkar, following which, the new innovation will be implemented on an experimental basis.

On an interview with a top newspaper, Tendulkar told that he is happy on the decision as young players will get more opportunities. He stressed that the community should get as many youngsters to play cricket and provide opportunities for the same.


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