Abhimanyu Mithun: Fitness first as a pacer at 30s

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Abhimanyu Mithun: Fitness first as a pacer at 30s
Abhimanyu Mithun came back to bowl for Karnataka with a better and stronger form this season.

Abhimanyu Mithun playing for Karnataka added a new form into his game. The player being back from rest of a year made a strong mark as a bowler in the ongoing Ranji Trophy. Earlier, in the match against Delhi, the player injured his groin. He tried to play without the ankle braces, but he had to retire unable to bowl even two overs. In fact, it was his removal of braces that lead to the pain in groin. As far as he knows, it is not commendable to make changes during a tournament and especially in long series like Ranji. The bowler learnt a lot about health management in the season.

In a recent match against Vidarbha, the bowler took down five wickets for 45 runs. Until now, the player nicked three five-wicket hauls so far in the season. His spells were disastrous against teams like Delhi. Mithun was selected in the national squad on a tour to Sri Lanka years back, but he did not have a cap. He played for Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL.

When Mithun arrived for the current season, he had a transformed physique. The change in his intensity was apparent. He is stronger now and his pace attacks grew with much intensity. The player came up with several improvements in his technique, including setting up the right wrist position. His line and length has improved as he became apt in straight deliveries. Most of his deliveries were straight to the middle stump. Among other improvements, the bowler had a good stamina, which he maintained throughout the days of bowling.

His fitness became subject of discussion because the bowler is on his 30s. The player disclosed that Yoga has been an integral part of his fitness training. This practice has given him the required flexibility even in his age. He said, being a fast bowler, it is necessary to become more flexible with age. Lauding Yoga as the center of his fitness routine, Mithun said it gave him more flexibility and helped him with speedy recovery.

The player also gave an example of Ashish Nehra’s flexibility and form, as the talk came up to bowling at an age of 39. For Mithun, a mentor of Sunrisers Hyderabad has been the inspiration to his fitness. The bowler is from a family of bodybuilders. His father was a gym instructor. Mithun himself was in the sports of discus-throwing before becoming a cricketer.

In his maiden first-class season, Abhimanyu took 47 wickets. He debuted international after 3 months of the season back in 2008. He was included with Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2009 IPL season. In Ranji seasons of 2013-14 and the following, he was a crucial bet for Karnataka winning the tournament. In the seasons, his total wicket tally was 80.


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