AB de Villiers's wife, Danielle is an off-field winner

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AB de Villiers's wife, Danielle is an off-field winner

AB and Danielle de Villiers both shares an affectionate bond with India

There are many international cricketers, more precisely, cricketer couples, who has deep affection towards India. So far, Jonty Rhodes and Kate McCarthy naming their baby daughter ‘India’, has been a height. But, AB and Danielle de Villiers’ tryst with the country is not ordinary. The celebrity couple definitely shares quite a strong bond. In the recent flood in Kerala, in mid-2018, both of them expressed concerns and heartfelt messages for victims.

Furthermore, the 360-degree batsman had his engagement with Danielle at the iconic Taj Mahal, which is know as the insignia of everlasting love. He had to go through much trouble of arranging the venue, including lying to his fiancée. Once AB de Villiers even felt like naming their baby boy ‘Taj’, inspired by Rhodes.

Apart from such deep bonding with India, Danielle Swart and de Villiers shares similar passion. AB de Villiers is also passionate about music, while Swart wanted to be a musician. In a popular YouTube video, they are seen singing Ronan Keating’s when you say nothing at all. AB was playing his guitar and Danielle was singing along with him.

In 2015, Danielle de Villiers raised funds for children welfare in India singing together with Shane Watson, the Australian player.

In 2015, Danielle de Villiers raised funds for children welfare in India singing together with Shane Watson, the Australian player.

Danielle de Villiers, from singing to celebrity

Apart from being a famous cricket WAG, wives and girlfriend, she is well known for many other reasons. In 2015, she participated in a charity event in India. In the event, she and Aussie Cricketer Shane Watson sang a David Guetta number. They sang the song called ‘Titanium’ in the event, for raising funds for children.

Danielle was born on 27 September of 1987 in South Africa. She is the only child of her parents. As a youngster, she had a passion towards singing. She even considered taking music as her career. Her parents run a resort at the scenic landscape of Waterberg foothills in Limpopo. Her maiden name is Stuart.

Danielle Swart wanted to be a musician in her early days.

Danielle Swart wanted to be a musician in her early days.  

Love affair, wedding and family

AB de Villiers met Danielle first in 2007, when he was travelling with his mother. They had lunch at the hotel owned by her parents in Limpopo. Fast forward in 2012, the South Africa player proposed her in the best dramatic way as could be at Taj Mahal. It was during a break between matches in a tour to India. He acted as if it was a casual visit at Taj Mahal with her, even accompanied by two of his cricketer friends, Jim Rydell and Kalveer Biradar.

AB hired cameraman and photographers who were recording everything without the knowledge of Danielle. When he proposed the English cricketer, she began to cry. In that moment, AB thought she might even reject his proposal. However, she eventually accepted, smiling. This episode was so famous that it raised eyebrows for many bachelor cricketers. Virat Kohli, who was dating Anushka Sharma, said to AB that the latter ‘raised the bar’ for ways to propose. In fact, before the proposal, AB met Danielle’s parents to ask them her hands. They agreed even helped the him to find the engagement ring.

The couple married in April of 2013 at Limpopo. The venue was the same hotel where they first met; the picturesque resort run by Danielle’s parents. As it was a wedding of the most famous cricketer, the venue hosted many famous persons of the global cricket fraternity apart from South Africa. There were around 500 guests at the wedding. Danielle Swart became Danielle de Villiers. In an early month of 2015, the couple was blessed with a baby boy. The newborn was named Abraham, after AB’s father. Presently, AB and Danielle de Villiers live in Cape Town.

Although Danielle has thousands of followers in social media, she prefers to remain private. She shares family pictures of AB and their son occasionally. In the recent IPL tournament, when her husband took that famous flying catch to dismiss Alex Hales, she posted an image of the attractive occasion saying her husband ‘Superman’. AB de Villiers, is the former South Africa captain. He retired from international cricket on May 23, 2018. He played 114 Tests and 228 ODIs. He is active in league cricket like IPL.

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