A ‘Ground-breaking’ settlement of Australian Pay Dispute

 . Last updated on August 4, 2017, 6:06 PM
A ‘Ground-breaking’ settlement of Australian Pay Dispute
ACA President Greg Dyer said the players deeply resented the ‘route’ they took, but they were defending their rights.

The Great Australian Pay Dispute finally ends here. CEO of Cricket Australia, James Sutherland and Alistair Nicholson, CEO of ACA, finally signed the new agreement with full support of Australian cricketers. The 10 months old dispute ended officially at the joint press conference in Melbourne. Per the new settlement, Australian cricketers will be entitled to receive 27.5% of the forecasted revenue. The new model also increased the salary of female players from USD7.5 million to USD55.2 million. It was also resolved that if the revenue exceed USD 1.67 billion, the extra would be used to fund grassroot level cricket.

Greg Dyer, President of ACA, and a former Test wicket-keeper said the agreement is “ground-breaking”. He said with the new model, record investment for grassroot cricket, a single MoU for Men and Women Cricket as well as maintenance of partnership model are achieved. He said, “the men and women have been rewarded for sticking together and for having the courage of their conviction”.

Dyer explained the game should never take the “same route again.” Per Dyer, players did not choose the route and did not enjoy it either. He said the players “resented it deeply” as they “defended themselves as in fair and as is their right.” The ACA present congratulated Australian players saying they “made history and created a legacy for generations.” The former player strongly acknowledged the “sacrifice” that Australian A team made. He said it demonstrated the “depth” of players’ support to each other.

Sutherland termed the negotiation as the “biggest pay-rise in history of women’s sport in Australia”. He said CA worked on the new model for more flexibility to deal with issues that arises with time. The cricket board also needed to fund the growth of grass root level cricket in the country. Apart from this, the board was also searching a gender equity pay model.

Australian Cricket as achieved the objective of gender parity with the new pay-model. He said ACA and CA are “delighted to be genuine market leaders” in Australian sport in this particular aspect. With the new payment model, Australian cricketers has become the highest paid players in the sport.


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