Will West Indies win impact Test Cricket?

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Will West Indies win impact Test Cricket?

West Indies came back with undefeatable power in the shorter form of cricket after years of impasse. When the Men team bagged the T20 Crown, the Women's team was equally jubilant beating Australia, the former World Champion. With the recent victory, however, there is a chance that the team might incline their force towards the shorter format of the game. In the same time, sidelining the longer format Test matches and more importantly, ODI as well. After their weak cricketing instances against Australia back in 2015, the comeback in this T20 World Cup is a compelling one.

The matches, especially the final and the semi-final witnessed some of the unusual strikes from the team. Marlon Samuels and Brathwaite both were Test players. It is noteworthy at this point that, the Test Team and the T20 team of the nation are quite diversified. Therefore, the rise of Test players in T20 format will certainly attract these players to the latter format owning to their grip over the games. Furthermore, Samuels has been an underdog in the team with no good records in other forms of cricket aside T20. However, his powerful streaks in T20 matches with instances like 85 not-out, it is now evident that such players have come back becoming T20 specialists. This would further bring more Test players and ODI players into T20 grounds ringing the death bell to those longer formats.

The impact on longer format will be from a number of dimensions. Apart from the glamor in this format, finance and money play a big role. Moreover, franchise level cricket like BBL and IPL has emerged as jackpots for deserving players. This makes many players to incline their interest in the shorter format. The next generation players will naturally venture into T20's choosing it over Test Cricket. If not in other countries, in countries like West Indies, where cricket found a second life under the ambit of T20 games, the developments would in interesting. For the nation, franchise games like IPL have played a substantial role to bring up young cricketers. An example is Lendl Simmons, the chief architect of the Semi-final win against India. The player was with Mumbai Indians, the IPL team, since a couple of years and the stint helped him in the nick of the decisive victory.

Even countries like Australia have brought some setbacks to Test Cricket in the form of BBL. With the advent of this T20 format, Test cricket suddenly went out from the mainstream mode. While television channels ran after BBL stars, there were less coverage of Test cricket and cricketers.

Following the West Indies win, now it would be interesting to know how the course lay ahead for the team with Test Cricket. A series in the longer format is also scheduled with India shortly. The selection of players for the Test Squad would be an important aspect to contemplate. Will West Indies bring up their T20 specialists to Test format? Or there would be a surge of old players into the Test Squad? The latter seems to be a better option for the country as it could shine up the fortunes of many old crickets while bringing new players to the crease


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