Time to Get Serious with Rain

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Time to Get Serious with Rain

The tug of war between Rain and Cricket has a long history. While the game has found its own ways to deal with the wrath of nature, Rain has been one of the most dismaying match spoilers. The test series between India and West Indies is the latest example. A failure to play the fourth match uncovered not only the vulnerabilities of Test matches to downpours, but also how lack of adequate prepartion could incur serious damage to the sport.

Currently, a handful of test series is going on around the globe between the top cricketing nations. And almost half of them are being disrupted on their scheduled venues due to Rain. Such condition would have a drastic effect on the popularity of Test format, which is already diminishing gradually. Cricket administration of nations and the ICC should take adequate measures to bar such occurrences that inflicts harm on the sport.

This can be achieved by being a little more cautious in scheduling the matches. The boards should also determine the venues of international matches with good intuition and consideration of the basic aspects. A capacity of host matches after rain, adequate resources to cover the ground and dry it after showers must be considered as the basic requirements for any stadium. The stadium in Durban and Port of Spain has hosted hundreds of top Test matches. But it does not mean that they qualify to host another without the minimum resource of equipments.

Lack of soppers being the main reason to halt the fourth match in India West Indies tour was quite unfortunate. In fact, sun was shinning good in following day. It was only the wet field that bared the match. ICC, BCCI or WICB should have ensured adequate facilities in the stadium. Specially, ICC should not allow matches to be played on grounds without proper facilities. There were a considerable lack of preparedness on the part of WICB as well as BCCI to conduct the series. The clash of the schedule with CPL was also a misfit.

The match was especially important to India, as it could have been on Top of Test Rankings if had won the match. Moreover, the series was already in the hands of the visitors by 2-0s. It was only the draw in the fourth match that made India to lose two points sliding into second position behind Pakistan.

There should be special emphasis on International matches and test schedules so that the format does not lose its popularity. The length and rules of the matches always being the issues with the format, unprepared stadiums can just add more woes to it. It is the responsibility of cricket administrations to offer a fair opportunity to players as well as fans to enjoy the game.


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