The Golden Chance: India Can become the Top Test Team if it whitewashes West Indies

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The Golden Chance: India Can become the Top Test Team if it whitewashes West Indies
Image Source : BCCI

India can become the top Team in Test Cricket if the Kohli Troupe could whitewash West Indies in the current series. The current India tour to West Indies comprises of four test matches and India would need to win all of them to bring out the number 4-0. However, it also depends on the other test matches that are being played currently. England and Pakistan are playing a test series in England. Australia and Sri Lanka are also over a Test series.

Recently, Australia received the ICC Test Championship mace and a prize money of USD 1 million for being the Top Test Team of the season. The award was received by Skipper Steve Smith on July 25th. However, ICC pointed out that India could become the top team replacing Australia if everything goes fine.

For India to be at the zenith of Test squads, Australia would need to run over Sri Lanka by the numbers 1-0 or more. Also, England would at least need to win a match against Pakistan. From the inferences, it is highly probable for India to reach the mark because, England has already defeated Pakistan in the second test match, while Australia's stance against Sri Lanka is stronger. This leaves only India on their own way to notch all the victories in the ongoing test series against West Indies.

India has already won the first test against West Indies, which was played in Antigua. The team won by Innings and 92 runs in the match. Kohli smashed a double century in the first inning. India was on the pitch only for a single inning, knocking down 500 plus runs. West Indies, on the other hand, played two innings and still lagging behind India's score by 92 runs. Thus, India is on the way to earn better ratings in the match if the team maintains such a strong instance.

Australia has won most of the test matches in the previous year. Captain Steven Smith led the team throughout 10 victories in Tests till April of the current year since last April. The award was presented by ICC Chief Executive David Richardson. The official said that Australia's winning performances have been exceptional and they deserve the award. He said that the award is a recognition of the team's achievement in the toughest format of the sport.

Presently, India is in the second rank in the Test squad list. It is followed by Pakistan. England is fourth on the list and the team also has a chance to be on the top. However, the roadmap seems a bit difficult. For England to be on the top, It will have to continue its winning stretch against Pakistan and reach the number 3-1. Also, West Indies will have to beat India at least a single match and Sri Lanka would have to defeat Australia in the current series.


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