Shastri Vs Ganguly: What actually happened?

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Shastri Vs Ganguly: What actually happened?

Following the selection of Team India Coach, there has been an eruption of fuss over the media on the fracas created by Saurav Ganguly and Ravi Shastri. This could bring an obnoxious smell in BCCI's selection of Anil Kumble if perceived under the lights of misinformation. To clear the air, Anil Kumble was the best person for the Head Coach's position and there is nothing doubtful about it. But Shastri seems to be on tiff because of issues right within the rules and regulations of BCCI.

First and foremost, for BCCI, it is not mandatory for all the selectors of the Advisory Committee to be present. Had their presence been a concrete rule, Saurav Ganguly would not have been busy with a meeting of Cricket Association of Bengal at the time of Shastri's interview. His absence became the issue, which the former team director finally burst out. However, Ganguly's response highlighted the miscue on Shastri's part as well. The member of the Cricket Advisory Committee replied that Shastri should have been present personally in front of the selection panel for the interview instead of presenting himself on a camera.

This situation only highlights a wobbly nature of the internal mechanism within India's cricket board. Selection of the Head Coach is by far one of the most important tasks that would determine the future of Team India. If such a critical task is being carried out in this manner, the other stakeholders of the game, including its fans, will surely find a prerogative to question. Both the individual are among the most prominent decision makers of cricket in India and the tiff was certainly unexpected.

In the interview of Ravi Shastri for the Head Coach, only VVS Laxman was present with Sanjay Jagade in the premises. Candidates are to be interviewed by the Cricket Advisory Committee comprising of Sanchin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly, and VVS Laxman. But, Sanchin Tendulkar was present only through video conferencing and Saurav Ganguly was absent. On the other hand, the candidate, Ravi Shastri was also available only through video chat. Shastri was in Bangkok on a holiday tour and Sachin Tendulkar was also away on a family vacation. Ganguly was in a meeting with the Cricket Association of Bengal.

Now, the question is, if the position of a Head Coach is so important; why is it apparent that these prominent individuals seem to make it a trivial matter only next to their other professional and personal tasks? Shastri could have flown to Kolkata, same with Tendulkar, and Ganguly could have rescheduled the meeting. Also, the interview could be rescheduled till all of them arrive. It seemed that the interview was held only because it was to be held for Ravi Shastri and he too appeared only because he had to.

Still, it is fine, given the condition that the results were clear, as the Advisory Committee already recommended Kumble. But, if this is the normal standard of responsibilities at the core of decision-making in India's cricket, it is fatal. Technology surely have become the primary mode of delivery and it must be used, but, not to the extent that it delimits the very importance of any occasion or task. BCCI should have a strong grip over its day to day affairs and at least over critical issues like selection of the Head Coach.

Prominent individuals within the fraternity must surely be all like friends or like a family. Personal equations are matters out of public discussions, but they should not hamper the mainstream scenario. Ravi Shastri and Ganguly will share a joke tomorrow patting each other's backs. There is nothing serious between them personally over the issue. However, it has certainly lighted up some major lacunae in the parts of individuals on whom the foundation of cricket of the nation rests as well as the BCCI.


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