Ranji Trophy 2016-17: Delhi, Jharkhand, Saurashtra and Vidarbha taking lead in Group B

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Ranji Trophy 2016-17: Delhi, Jharkhand, Saurashtra and Vidarbha taking lead in Group B
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In the Group B match between Delhi and Assam, the former sealed the first match victory by an inning and 83 runs. Delhi put Assam on backfoot restricting their score to 313. The head attacker was Manan Sharma, who had a five-wicket haul in the inning. There was considerable resistance from Assam, particularly in the middle and lower order. However, the wickets were slackened plummeting to 5 for 121 runs. In the final day, Assam added 213 to its previous day score of 100, remaining behind Delhi.

Only the stance from Syed Mohammad, who brought up 82 runs gave some momentum to the inning. There were two substantial partnerships from Mohammad. With Tarjinder Singh, the player brought 78 runs and with Swarupam Purkayastha, he scored 72. By the end of the day, Delhi bowlers, Manan Sharma and Pradeep Sangwan were successful to break the partnerships.

Jharkhand playing with Maharastra, had a six-wicket win over the latter. The team chased down the paltry score of 93 posed by Maharastra with the top order. Batting since the previous day, Jharkhand took the remaining 37 runs to reach the winning mark. The team, however, set off the inning losing the top wickets. In the overnight stretch, four wickets were dismissed, while two of them were down at ducks. It was only the unbeaten inning from Virat Singh and Anand Singh that forged 48 runs which let Jharkhand win the match.

Saurashtra bowler Shaurya Sanandia wreaked a havoc to Rajasthan's batting line up. The bowler had 6 wickets for 14 runs that led his team to remain ahead of Rajasthan. Saurashtra scored 430 runs to challenge Rajasthan, while the latter could only pull up the score to 105. The match was halted for two days due to rain. In Vishakhapatnam, Vidarbha took the lead ahead of Odisha by 150. Two batsmen Faiz Fazal and Ganesh Satish delivered substantial innings in the match scoring 99 and 74 respectively. From Odisha, captain Govinda Poddar had 58, the top score.


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