It's not a typical Centurion pitch: Debutant Ngidi on second Test

 . Last updated on January 15, 2018, 2:36 PM
It's not a typical Centurion pitch: Debutant Ngidi on second Test
Lungi Ngidi has been playing in Centurion as a bowler for Titans, the T20 team of South Africa Premier League.

The second Test at Centurion had several contemplations after the second day game. By the end of Day 2, South Africa bowlers were successful to take away half of India’s batting line up. The game was similar to India’s instance in the first inning when it did away with half batting line-up of the home squad. The pitch at Centurion has been surprisingly slow and the strategy adopted by South Africa bowler to adapt was described by debutant Lungi Ngidi. He has been quite acquainted with the pitch with good experience of playing league matches for a domestic franchisee. Ngidi is a bowler for Titans, the T20 franchisee.

Per the Test debutant, a typical pitch at Centurion is bouncy. But the recent game came out as an unlikely occasion. He said, the way ‘how wickets fell at the game’ showed a contrasting condition in the pitch. Ngidi said, in Centurion, wickets are generally caught behind and slips has a major relevance. In the recent play, he could not see these common characteristics making him to conclude “then and there that it is not a typical Centurion pitch”.

Ngidi, who took a single wicket in the match so far, is satisfied at bowling efforts of his team. He thinks South Africa ‘bowlers have done pretty well on’ the pitch. He read India’s attack as a work on the ‘fifth-stump line’, inflicted by pacers. In the match, Ishant Sharma took down three wickets as a major strike against South Africa.

Ngidi added, the home bowlers too were successful to hit the fifth stump line ‘over and over again.’ The bowler posed ‘patience’ as the key and ‘wait for batsmen to play.’ Meanwhile, Graeme Smith hit a pun on Twitter posting, South Africa’s ‘groundsmen need to be asked a lot of question’. The former captain hit out “spinner bowling over 31 overs on Day 1 is a joke”.


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