It’s a do or die time for Mumbai, Confident Kings all set for Indore IPL Venue

 . Last updated on June 29, 2018, 5:44 PM
It’s a do or die time for Mumbai, Confident Kings all set for Indore IPL Venue
Its a do or die match for Rohit Sharma. His team, however, has been an impressive table turner in previous seasons.

Indore, the next IPL venue for the match between Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab, has a good fan base for both of the teams. As there is an area in the city called Little Mumbai, and adjacent place on its outskirts has a sizeable population from Punjab. Thus, the cheers in Indore are expected to be equally jubilant for both Mumbai Indians and Kings Punjab.

Leaving aside the role of crowds, the teams are meeting in an undulating juncture of form and figure in the tournament. While Kings are backed up with a strong winning record in the tournament so far, Mumbai has an almost pitiful saga to express. In its last three matches, Kings won two, making the total victory tally to five out of seven fixtures. Mumbai, on the other hand, lost two of the last three they played. The team could nick anymore than only a couple of matches in the season.

With these records in background, Mumbai is, in fact, in a highly perilous point of losing its position in IPL 2018. If they really want to remain in contest, they must win all of the upcoming campaigns. Thus, a defeat in this match would mean being ousted from the next phase of the tournament. In a nutshell, Mumbai can not afford to make mistakes. If they do, the journey ahead will be more tedious.

Kings top bet include the “Universe Boss”, Chris Gayle. The Caribbean player has blasted brutally in previous wins and seems all set to taste Mumbai’s bowling. Mumbai does not seem to have much strategic player to tackle him and others down the line. The only hope is, they are back after about a week of rest, which might come up as an weakness. Meanwhile, Mumbai batsmen like Chris Lynn did not even have the chance to flare up so far. Also, Kieron Pollard is back with massive hopes.

Mumbai bowler Shane Bond rightly mentioned that they would need to win all six of the remaining six matches that will play. He hopes the team would do that. But it is only their play in Indore, which would speak louder.

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