“It needs to be led from Steve Smith, the captain”—Michael Clarke

 . Last updated on July 31, 2017, 2:36 PM
“It needs to be led from Steve Smith, the captain”—Michael Clarke
Former captain Michael Clarke asked Skipper Steve Smith to lead the resolution for current pay dispute.

Cricket Australia and Australian Players Association did not find any settlement in the recent pay dispute tussle. The Bangladesh tour is on the verge of boycott and uncertainties are looming for the upcoming Ashes Test series as well. In a recent stance, Cricket Australia wanted a third-party arbitration to settle the dispute. Chief Executive of Cricket Australia James Sutherland came up with the idea of an intervention of an “industrial umpire” to resolve the dispute. ACA opposed the move stating a third-party arbitrator would not understand the complexities of revenue sharing of an elite game like Cricket. Thus, 230 Australian cricketers are unemployed as of now.

Lately, Michael Clarke, former captain of Australia said the dispute “is been horrible for the game.” Per the senior cricketer, the dispute will render a permanent cynicism between the players and the board even if after the issue will be resolved. He said there is no doubt that the present situation will impact the relationship between players and Cricket Australia in the long term. He further emphasized that it has become the top sport new of the country and it has affected even the fans and viewers of the country. He lamented, the dispute should not have been public as it is now.

The next tour of Australia starts on August 11 to Bangladesh. However, it is now uncertain if the players will participate in the tournament. Clarke posed strongly that it will be “silly” for ACA to oppose the arbitration offer from CA. He said the players can’t say no “because they have got to play.” He further said, the Australia team does not afford to miss a single game against England if they want to keep up the Ashes series alive. He pointed out the tournaments in pipeline for the team and their importance for the team. He urged captain Steve Smith to led the team to a possible settlement of the dispute.


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