Empty Stadium: the Sorrow of Zimbabwe's Cricket

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Empty Stadium: the Sorrow of Zimbabwe's Cricket

Following the ODI sweep by debutant ODI players from India, Zimbabwe has been feeling the low. The teams cricketing stance was following a downward spiral as the matches were played; ending with the lowest total of 123 for all the wickets. As Zimbabwe let the series go out of their hands being defeated in the first two ODIs, the last match did not make their audience to turn up into the venue.

There were no spectators in the match and the stadium was all empty. It is quite apparent that cricket in the country lost its glare as the team had to face defeats one after another. There were fans that even went up a step ahead to held signs protesting against their own cricketers. In online media, there were questions if one would be sad if Zimbabwe cricket had died. The sharp response from cricket fans in Zimbabwe is natural and any team would face such criticism if they cannot even satisfy the least expectation. However, fans that dig out the reason of such calamities would be fairly less enough.

Cricket in Zimbabwe has been through the most tedious times. It is not because of players but because of the nation. Cricket Board of the country, reportedly, is in a debt of USD 19 millions. Meanwhile, cricket is growing as a game with huge business and the nation is fighting hard to get through it. Not to mention that cricket is an expensive game and it is getting more expensive with time.

Zimbabwe is also on a back foot for not playing enough Test matches and the numbers of participation in other format is also few. This has naturally made the team to plummet into the bottom of cricketing nations. This has induced further financial issue running down the segment. The team will have to play even the qualifying tournament for World Cup 2019 and they must be on board. A failure to do so would lead to a further depreciation of cricket in the nation.

The squad is also stricken with the sudden exit of the head coach. Dav Whatmore was with the team when they managed to win match with New Zealand, India and Pakistan. Under his guidance, Zimbabwe also won a series playing with Ireland. Since his departure right couple of days before the ODI series with India begun was a jolt and there has been no discussions over the issue. This shows that Zimbabwe Cricket is clouded with a sheer opacity that is making things worst. Currently, Makhaya Ntini is being acting as the head coach and Lance Klusner is the batting coach. It is also reported the Klusner have already show some pre departure symptoms after the last whitewash. Even the Skipper's position is not consistent within the team. Graeme Cremer is the fourth Captain of the team in last 11 months.

Thus, only blaming the players would not be fair for fans. In fact, they are the best cricketers in the nation right now. The cricket administration of the nation should be revived at first and fans should actually follow the trails of Zimbabwe Cricket rather than Zimbabwe's cricketers. Special emphasis should be on Under-19 players which would ensure future rejuvenation of the game in the country. The fact that only fans can save a game should not be overlooked.


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