Along the Strikes and Attacks, Kumble Starts his Coaching Inning Headstrong

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Along the Strikes and Attacks, Kumble Starts his Coaching Inning Headstrong

On his first official assignment as the Coach of Team India, Anil Kumble sets off for the stint with a bang. With India running over West Indies in recent matches, the new Coach of the team is certainly on the limelight. Kumble's success is compelling because it is his first role as the Head Coach. It seems that he is getting good with the team and is successful, so far, to build up his own roadmaps through innovative ventures. Kumble's approach to coach the team is out of the box and his out beat schedules laid as the abrupt witness. On the other hand, the team's stride in the on ongoing Test series in West Indies outlines the sync among players, which is crucial for winning any match.

In the last West Indies tour of India back in 2011, the visitors could not come up to the expectations. On the other hand, West Indies were without their top coach at the moment. This time, the scenario is quite different with team India taking the stride ahead of West Indies, under a coach with no prior coaching experience. This puts both the team in a comparable position when viewed from the Coach's prism. With the current victories of India, the tandem between Kumble and Players of Indian Team is an assurance of a better instance of India to wipe away its previous slog.

Kumble's stance as a coach is appreciable. He seems to focus more on the psychological built up within the team before getting them on board for fights. This is the reason why he talks about the spirit of the players more than the results. In a press meet before the WI tour, Kumble said that the game is not about the players who are on the ground, but it is also about the players who are off the ground. He emphasized that it is important to make the dropped players feel that they are still part of the team.

Extensive interaction with players is making to Kumble stand out apart from other coaches. In the training session before the Test matches, Kumble was seen bowling in the nets and interacting with the players. In the sessions, the bowlers could get the most of their coaches. With Sanjay Bangar and Raghabindraa, Kumble was setting the stage for the winning Indian team. Topics like Angle of delivery, landing position and angle of their run-up came up when Kumble talked with bowlers. His communication is always both ways, from him to players and from the players back to him. This approach creates a better ecosystem within the team.

Before the first match, Kumble was seen on the net with Kohli and other players before the scheduled time for practice. The ex-cricketer with almost 18 years of cricketing experience is able to bridge the gap between players and the coach. The striking batsmen and attacking bowlers of the team are offering a good glimpse of the effects of these new changes. Kumble's start as a coach is emerging headstrong, however, only the matches and other formats of the game would substantiate his instance as a successful coach.


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