2018 IPL T20 Schedules to feature DRS after 11 seasons

 . Last updated on July 3, 2018, 12:20 PM
2018 IPL T20 Schedules to feature DRS after 11 seasons
Last IPL season even players like MS Dhoni drew himself to controversy related to DRS requirements.

After a long eleven seasons, IPL has finally cleared the use of Decision Review System. The upcoming IPL T20 Schedules is all set to feature the technology following wide discussions on its use. Thus, starting from this season, each team will have one chance to review in an inning. Both ball tracking and Ultra Edge technology will be under its purview. The system was made mandatory for T20 International matches by ICC last year in the month of October. India is the last county to adopt the system only in 2016-17 season. Earlier in the year, Pakistan also used the system in PSL, the domestic league T20 tournament.

As it surfaced lately, there were certain misconceptions surround DRS among earlier decision makers in BCCI. An official from the board revealed that they believed DRS is only useful in longer formats as a single decision can make huge difference in T20 matches. He said, a wrong decision can affect a team badly. In its previous seasons IPL matches marred with serious debate on quality of umpiring. Prominent players were drawn back to the debate as they complained considerable inconsistencies in umpiring.

BCCI considered using DRS after much debate and discussions. The board also held a workshop on the technology for umpires in December of 2017. David Burns the ICC umpire was hired to coach Indian umpires. Therefore, the adoption followed a pre-planned strategy involving all stakeholders to adequate extent. Before the upcoming tournament, another such workshop will be held for umpires on April 3 and April 4.

Indian umpires welcomed the approach. A top umpire said it “good for the game” and it would relive them to great extents. The umpire said, no one wants to make mistakes on field and DRS will he of much help to provide correct decisions. This would also do away with issues of players and their complaints. BCCI is yet to confirm the source of fund for the technology. As DRS is an expensive ensemble it would require a sizable amount of money. In international matches, the broadcaster pays for the technology. If this would be the case for IPL, Star India would bear the cost.

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